Planning Commission


Commission Information

The Planning Commission is a recommending body to the Village Board, consisting of seven (7) members appointed by the Village President with the consent of the Board of Trustees. The Commission reviews planning related issues such as subdivision requests, special use, and PUD’s.

Board of Appeals

Ordinance 05-01 passed by the Village Board on May 16, 2005 expanded the duties and powers of the Planning Commission. They will now also function as the Board of Appeals for the Village. They will hear, review and offer its recommendations to variations; appeals from, and to review orders, decisions or determinations made by the Director of Building and Zoning.


The Commission meets the second Tuesday of the month at 6:00 p.m.

Members of the Planning Commission

Francis Smith, Chairman
Todd Creek
Jason Dole
Emily Gentry
Dan McGowan
George Weiland
Annette Zimbelman