Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain a recycling bin if my residence does not have one?

All residential customers that have a garbage toter are also given a recycling container that is registered to that specific address. If a customer does not have a container please contact the Village Hall at 815-929-4800. Also if a customer would like to have an additional container please contact the Village Hall.

What items can be placed in the recycling container?

ACCEPTED ITEMS: Newspapers, magazines, envelopes, white/colored copy paper, wrapping paper, computer paper, glossy paper, file folders, telephone books, paper bags, cereal boxes, cake mix boxes, paper back books and cardboard. (staples are acceptable). Pop bottles, water bottles, cooking oil bottles, peanut butter jars (lids included), milk and juice jugs, margarine/butter tubs, yogurt cups, ketchup bottles, household cleaners, and coffee creamers. pop cans, soup cans, coffee cans, etc. clear and colored glass containers. Please rinse out; labels may be left on.

NOT ACCEPTED: self-stick labels, gum/candy wrappers, tissue paper, waxed paper, paper cups, paper towels, shredded paper, used paper plates or pizza boxes. No fiber soiled with food waste. styrofoam, packing peanuts, carry-out containers, CD/DVD cases, plastic silverware, film plastics (plastic bags, saran wrap, shrink wrap, bubble wrap) and solo cups, prescription bottles, aerosol cans, aluminum foil, flat glass, light bulbs, flatware, ceramics or Pyrex. 


Does the Village pick up branches and/or yard waste?

The Village does have a brush pick-up route that runs from April until October. Dates are determined each year by the Public Works Superintendent. Our refuse service also offers a brown bag program for yard waste and small branches. For details including rules and regulations, see the Street/Alley Department under the Public Works Department.

How often does the Village bill for services?

The village does not bill for any services at this time. Water and sewer service is provided by Aqua Illinois and is billed on a monthly basis. The garbage fee is being paid for our residents by the village.

What am I responsible for in relation to my water and sewer service?

Please contact Aqua Illinois for questions concerning residents responsibility.

Please call: 877-987-2782.

What is the hardness of Manteno’s water?

Aqua Illinois provides water service to the Village of Manteno. The water is obtained from the Kankakee River and is pre-softened at their plant before distribution.

For more details contact Aqua Illinois at 877-987-2782.

Why does my water sometimes appear to be cloudy or discolored?

Cloudiness sometimes appears in the water when it contains air from the system. This quickly goes away. Discoloration occurs often times when there is a great deal of water flushing through the water mains such as when there is a fire and the Fire Department is pumping out of a hydrant.

Call Aqua with any questions: 877-987-2782.

Will the Village fill my pool from the fire hydrant?

The water system is owned by Aqua Illinois, the village will not fill pools.

Residents may call Aqua Illinois concerning pool fillings. 877-987-2782

Does the Village allow solicitors/peddlers to do business within the Village?

The Village of Manteno has a Soliciation/Peddler Ordinance by which all solicitors/peddlers are required to apply for a permit before soliciting or peddling within our village.

All solicitors/peddlers are required to wear a badge that has their picture along with their name and an expiration date. These badges are obtained at the Village Hall after the solicitor/peddler fills out an application and has been approved to solicit within the village. This badge must be visible at all times. Permitted hours are Monday through Saturday: 9:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. and Sunday: 12:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Canvassers are exempt from the permit requirements, but must abide by the time, place and manner restrictions. (For a specific definition of “Canvassers”, please see the Manteno Village Code, Section 3-12-1.)

If any village resident wishes to not allow solicitors/peddlers upon their property, they must post a sign at the entry of the premises bearing the words “No Peddlers” or “No Solicitors”.

For more specific details on the ordinance please contact the Village Hall at 815-929-4800 or Police Department at 815-929-4801.

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