Oct 31, 2022

Halloween Trick or Treat Hours

Trick or Treat Hours:    (Will be announced at a later date) 

If you would like to entertain trick or treater’s please turn on your porch light.    Here are a few hints to have a safe and enjoyable Halloween.


  • Stay home if sick
  • Trick or treat with people you live with

  • Do not hand out candy if you are sick
  • Position a distribution table between yourself and trick or treaters
  • Distribute candy on disinfected table to eliminate direct contact
  • Wash hands often

  • Stay home if sick
  • Talk with your children about safety and social distancing guidelines and expectations
  • Guide children to stay on the right side of the road always to ensure distance
  • Carry a flashlight at night and ensure your children have reflective clothing
  • Wash your hands as soon as you return home
  • Inspect candy