Jan 31, 2022


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Rules for parking after a snowfall! Click for details.

The Village does have rules for parking after a snowfall:      No parking on any street in the village after a two (2″) inch snowfall or more  within any twenty-four (24)-hour period.  


Village Code:
7-6-15 (B) It shall be unlawful for any person to stop, stand, park or leave unattended any vehicle on a public street designated and established as a snow route following the accumulation of two (2″) inches of snowfall or more within any twenty-four (24)-hour period. The parking restriction shall be effective for a period of twenty-four (24)-hours following the end of the snowfall event or until the applicable street is completely clear of snow from “curb to curb,” whichever is later.

Click on this link to view the complete village rules.